Friday, May 20, 2022
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There is a store on 922 W 23rd Ave you just have to check out! If you are wanting to decorate your house with unique vintage items, go to The Cottage Collection. You can find all kinds of items there. Kevin Monds can help with what you are looking for. The Cottage Collection has been giving you one great place to get that perfect gift or go spoil yourself. They have many items that you can choose from like antique gifts, collectbles, clothing, home decor., jewelry, hats, tools, books, and furniture.


Why did you decide to start this business? 

I didn't start this business, I bought it from Dolores Spurrier a couple of years ago.  About a decade ago I started getting interest in doing something like this. There is always something new and it just peeks my interest in antique items. I've always wanted to have a business like this.


How has business been so far? 

Business has been really good for me.  The economy is down so sales have been down lately, but I have good regular customers. So i'm not going anywhere any time soon.


What makes your business different?

We have a little bit of everything.  Vendors bring unique items, there is always something new.


Tell us a bit about you, where are you originally from?

I have been here my whole life. 


What were you doing before you owned The Cottage Collection?

Before I owned The Cottage Collection I was selling vintage items from home. I also worked at The Antique Store a long time ago.


Tell us something you want others to know about Kevin Monds the person, not Kevin Monds the business man. 

When I am not here working, I like to sing. I don't sing anywhere, but I am available if anyone wants me to!  Way back when I sang professionally.


What are your thoughts on shopping locally?

I am 100% in favor on shopping locally! Keeping money in town instead of spending money somewhere else will be better for businesses. It will also help grow more businesses, which is very important.


What's one way you think Pampa could help its local businesses?

Shopping locally of course and telling people what shops are here in town.  Not everyone knows about all these businesses here in town, I have been here forever and haven't even here of half the businesses here. 


The Cottage Collection has vintage and trendy stuff, so if you haven't already been there then you are missing out! Kevin wants to help you shop locally so you don't have to go out of town to get what you need. Go check them out today, you can even go see their new items on Facebook! Tell them sent you!